Craft /kraft/:

To make or manufacture (an object or product) with skill and careful attention to detail.
An art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill.


Frequently asked questions:



What? You're closed? For how long?

We're not!  Come on over.

How do I make a table reservation at Haberdasher?

Table reservations will be available Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 - 11 PM. Reservations for 2 - 8 people can be made online through SeatMe, found on our Yelp page, Facebook, and the Haberdasher Website. For more than 8, e-mail us at Reservations will be available one week out. Please note: voice mail messages left will not be checked until Monday, if you require a more rapid response, e-mail us:

Are reservations required?

No! Walk-ins are always welcome.

Is Haberdasher just a regular bar?

No way. We remain focused on the highest quality cocktails we can offer, period. Our decor and service model has changed, but our sexy little basement will still be your favorite room to sip whiskey in.

Can I still get all my favorite drinks from the singlebarrel days?

Mostly, yes! Since we will stock many of the same products and produce, we will be glad to serve your favorites from the speakeasy!

Why did you close singlebarrel?

To address the inconveniences our guests experienced frequenting a business that never anticipated becoming so popular. We could have never predicted the long lines, the basement ringing so loud with our guest's conversations, and the shortcomings of our current equipment when designing singlebarrel's service model, which was meant to slow things down, not serve hundreds per evening. We truly want to make an evening in our basement much more accessible, yet still a bit magical...and only by closing our beloved speakeasy and starting over can we do that.

 Are you hiring?

Haberdasher is continually seeking out passionate pursuers of the craft.  Visit us on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays to drop off a resume, cover letter and to fill out a quick questionnaire! Please come by between 5-6:30pm.

How will I know whats happening at Haberdasher?

Follow us on Facebook and join our friends list.